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Sustainable Sanctuaries
And Wellness Retreats

Experience new dimensions of wholeness and connectedness.

Guests partner with Papillon to reconnect to self through an individualized exploration of wellbeing facilitated through luxurious accommodations, nutritious food, mindful movement, abundant nature, healing touch and the private space and time to open the inner ear. Each sanctuary is conceived as a multi-layered progression that begins by grounding the guest, continues toward mindfulness and ultimately leads to the discovery of internal expansiveness and intrinsic wellbeing.

Experiential Vacations

Discover a richly varied path to whole-being wellness.

Papillon brings new meaning to the term "vacation", with a richly immersive environment where multiple forms of gentle guidance, inspiration and support are readily at hand, while always honoring the unique rhythms and needs of each guest. Papillon’s unique Life Enhancement Programs offer one-of-a-kind transformative experiences from extrinsic knowledge to intrinsic wisdom that engender harmony with nature and oneself – the very definition of sustainability.

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Papillon Wellness Retreats address all aspects of inner and outer healing and vibrancy, embodying a new evolutionary template for a more sustainable humanity. The most innovative energy, allopathic and holistic healing modalities will provide dynamic treatments for restoration and renewal. The use of sacred geometry and sacred architecture will further enhance and amplify the individual’s healing.

Corporate Offsites

Unlock hidden potentials in your team.

Papillon will uniquely serve Fortune 1000 companies who are looking to create a more sustainable corporate structure and workforce while maintaining overall profitability. We will offer various “retreat” or “management offsite” programs to allow overstressed and imbalanced executives to better understand and embrace the empowering knowledge of sustainable personal, business, family, and co-worker relationships that can boost their own health and the health and wellness of their corporation.