Papillon Life Enhancement Programs will offer integrated, leading-edge curriculums that guide individuals toward a sustainable process of self-discovery and purposeful change. As diverse in scope as Nutritional Awareness to Ecological Sustainability and Stewardship, all of Papillon’s programs share a framework of integrative modalities that embrace the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and energetic aspects of the individual.

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Nutritional Wisdom

Nutritional Wisdom will be based on the whole food teachings of well known wellness/nutritional thought leaders like Dr. Andrew Weill, Dr. Joel Fuhrman, and Dr. Dean Ornish. All three of these whole food advocates have shown that we can heal our own bodies through proper nutrition, a primarily vegan diet and the appropriate fitness for one’s own age group.

Interpersonal Mastery

We’ve all been there. Whether a messy dispute at work, a communication breakdown with a friend or loved one, dysfunctional family drama, or a culture clash in political or social circles, interpersonal conflict can be a tremendous source of stress in our lives.

In this life-changing and heart-opening program, we explore the latest thinking in psychology and social behavior theory that illuminate the causes of interpersonal tension and ways we can reduce it. By understanding each other’s unspoken needs and perspectives, we can not only become masters of effective interpersonal relating, but bring greater peace and mental health to ourselves and everyone around us.


Physical Vitality

Physical Vitality is an integral part of the Papillon Lifestyle and should be part of one’s sustainable wellness plan. Each property will offer guests multiple options for physical movement including yoga classes, aerobic classes, quigong classes, swimming, mountain biking, hiking and even kayaking and surfing where available.

Every property will include a fully equipped, state of the art, fitness facility where guests can use free personal trainers or participate in group classes.



Leadership in business, politics or even your personal life is evolving as we speak with more and more individuals in leadership positions shifting their style from the what used to work to what will work as servant leaders emerge. We will explore multiple topics including conscious capitalism, triple bottom line business models and using servant leadership to guide your followers to being the best they can be.

Healing Arts

Want to find balance, take charge of your health, and feel rejuvenated from the inside out? Kick-start your goals, discover empowering lifestyle techniques, or learn from the caring Papillon team of expert consultants in this program specially designed to support you with deep mind and body detoxification and rejuvenation.


Sustainability is the foundation of Papillon Resorts. Everything we do and teach is based on principles of sustainable development, sustainable wellness and a more sustainable planet. We believe that sustainability is essential to a triple bottom line philosophy for business where people, planet and profit are addressed symbiotically to enhance success and well-being at all levels.


Transformation Theory

Growth and development is perhaps the most fundamental process in the Universe. From the birth and death of stars, to the evolution of living systems, transformation permeates every aspect of existence.

Papillon’s Transformation Theory program will guide participants in an eye-opening exploration of today’s leading developmental models and learn how they can be applied to our own life goals and personal growth practices that can lead to extraordinary experiences of breakthrough.


Soul Expansion

Many of us are experiencing an awakening as we move into the 21st century…a higher calling, a yearning for a more conscious lifestyle that gives our lives greater meaning. For those inspired to embody this higher calling, this program will provide state-of-the-art tools and practices for increasing one’s vibrational energy to develop what some are calling their soul’s expansion…accessing awareness of our innate connection with the Universe.

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Five Paths of Life Enhancement.

Customize your ultimate experiential program.

Papillon’s exclusive life enhancement programs will be made available in five configurations, optimized for your specific retreat, to maximize the power and benefits of your wellness experience.

  • In-House

    Ongoing Life Enhancement Programs with essential healing, wisdom and wellness themes will be rotated on a quarterly basis. These eight-day, seven-night programs create an environment for deep, lasting change. Follow-up sessions and ongoing communication will be facilitated by the online Papillon community.

  • Private Label

    Papillon will offer thought-leaders, teachers and other luminaries who already have a significant following to bring their own communities and programming to Papillon. By utilizing the In-House format as the framework for their own program, they will be able to incorporate their trainings in a way that is both seamless and powerful.

  • Specialty

    These five and eight-day programs center around up and coming leaders who are just beginning to make their way onto the world stage. While not generally well known, these pioneers in the arts, sciences, spirituality and other disciplines will bring a fresh approach to the material and presentation of wellness related knowledge.

  • Thought-Leader

    These five and eight day programs are conducted by world leaders. Luminaries such as Dr. Deepak Chopra, Dr. Larry Dossey, Dr. Bruce Lipton, Carolyn Myss, Dr. Mark Hyman, Dr. Gerald Jampolsky and other noted speakers will conduct life-changing programs based on their latest books, insights and inspiration.

  • Personal

    A personal program will be created for each guest that desires an individual health and healing experience. It will involve a comprehensive blend of healing, wisdom and wellness modalities tailored to the guest's individual needs.